Posted by: Ross Gardner | June 9, 2011

My new book

Friday 3rd June brought a visit the Royal Entomological Society near St Albans for the launch of my new book: ‘Never a dull moment: a naturalist’s view of British Wildlife.  A lovely venue, it has to be said, especially as the sun was very much shining and having arrived armed with packed lunches (you can never be quite sure what the M25 is going to throw at you, so we decided to set off prepared), we were able to enjoy a picnic in the pleasant grounds of the RES.  It was my first chance to meet my publishers, Hugh and Nicola Loxdale of Brambleby Books, and very nice people they turned out to be too.

And yes, ever on the lookout for creatures large or small, it seemed fitting that a couple of interesting observations should be made.  One was an impressively large specimen of the cuckoo bumblebee Bombus vestalis, nectaring on cat-mint in the adjacent Gardens of the Rose, and a Box Bug (Gonocerus acuteangulatus – apologies for the slightly fuzzy picture).  The latter species is particularly interesting, as not so long ago the bug was regarded as a major rarity in the UK, known only from Box Hill in Surrey where it fed on the trees of the same name.  It has now however,  spread through much of the South East, exploiting a wider range of foodplants as it has done so.  It was in fact, the third I have seen this year, having previously noted individuals in Long Melford (Suffolk) and Hockley (Essex).

Box Bug (Gonocerus acuteangulatus). Copyright 2011 Ross Gardner)


  1. Hi Ross, Nice blog and photo’s particulaly liked the cover of your book.
    Lots of luck with it. xx

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