Posted by: Ross Gardner | September 9, 2011

Dull Days have their Light

Even the dullest of dull days have a spark of light somewhere.  On Tuesday the autumn made an abrupt appearance.  Squally winds and rain that lasted from dawn till dusk.  In fact it seemed like dusk was breaking all day long.  Nothing but the swirl of grey low grey clouds overhead and dampness all around.

A most pleasant surprise it was then, to see a sunset sneak in at the last minute.  About 7:30pm, and the bleak layer of stratus still spread out overhead, but its southern extremity was washed with soft golden light.  A wisp of higher cloud, glowed almost impudently, as if to taunt the scowling face of grey that had prevailed throughout the day.  This was definitely not the most stunning vision of a setting sun that you would ever be likely to see, but as noteworthy for reasons of its own.

Honey Bee (Apis mellifera). Copyright 2011 Ross Gardner.

The clouds had gathered in earnest again yesterday.  No rain, but autumn still tinged the air.  This time the sparks came from the Common Carder Bees that quietly moved among the Carmint and the Green-veined Whites that flitted among the purple heads of Verbena.  The Carder Bees were adults, next year’s queens, or males with little more to do, having served their purpose towards their species continued presences in the gardens and wild place next spring.  The Honey Bees though, went about the pink domes of the Sedum still with same diligent intent with which they helped bring in the spring just gone.  While the future for the bumblebees rests with the soon to be slumbering queens, the colonies of the Honey Bees must survive the winter intact.

So yes, even the dull days have their points of light and the breath of summer will be felt for a little while yet.

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