Posted by: Ross Gardner | September 27, 2011

The Summer Revived

Yesterday I watched three Swallows fly past, on a straight and poigniant heading due south.  Today saw the summer revived.

Brown Argus (Aricia agestis). Copyright 2011 Ross Gardner.

The temperature helped, of course – 23 degrees – but other signs were there to be noticed.  The Ox-tongue flowers and the year’s last Fleabane cast the most part of the colour of the seasons change.  But while they tire, the second flush of Red Clover mauve hazed the resurging meadow sward, with the freshness of spring into summer.  The Red Admiral fluttered about the windfall pears, the very sight of the butterfly autum.  But away over the clover a Brown Argus fluttered among the still numerous and purposeful Common Carder Bees; summer’s whisper raising its voice.  Darter dragonflies – Common and Ruddy – zipped as gleefully if it were the height of the season.  Even the Chiff chaff in the hedgerow has been raising his voice.

The swallows may be taking a direct course, but the summer is meandering into autumn.

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