Posted by: Ross Gardner | February 21, 2012

Still winter, but………

It is with some hesitation that one announces the arrival of spring and this is something that I am not about to do now, especially still with a week of February to go.  There is however, that moment when the slightest of changes can be noticed when the spring, if not actually arriving, begins the unravelling process.  I am not naive enough to suggest that the winter is done – there’s still plenty of time for that season to deliver an icy blast or two – but today might just have been the day, in Essex at any rate, that the natural mechanics of change creaked just that little bit more noticeably into life.

It is still winter.  The Fieldfare are still at Meadowfield, merrily scoffing last year’s windfall apples.  The bird feeders continue to be emptied of their contents at an astonishing rate.  Life is yet to stir among the branches and buds of all but the earliest to flush trees and shrubs.  But a concerted wind blew across the field and didn’t make be shudder.  A Chaffinch in the hedge chanced a few tentative notes of his song.  And perhaps best of all, the first Colt’s-foot blooms winked into view beneath the Alders.

Yes, it’s still winter, but………

Colt's-foot (Tussilago farfara). Copyright 2011 Ross Gardner


  1. Can’t wait to see their pretty faces when they show them here in the Midlands

    • You should be seeing them soon, and you seem like someone who keeps their eyes peeled when out and about.

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