Posted by: Ross Gardner | March 1, 2012

Never a dull moment

With the spring underway and the doings of nature beginning to unwind towards that wondrous escalatation of life to come, I hope readers of this blog will permit me a plug for my book ‘Never a Dull Moment: a naturalist’s view of British wildlife’.  Please do read on to gain a sense of what the book is about, but you might also like to read about it on my website:

and on the Brambleby Books website from which it can be purchased.  It is also available on Amazon.  If you have enjoyed the posts on this blog over the past months, I would hope that you will enjoy the book too.

It is a book that is essentially about how the passions and fascinations of the natural world can provide experiences, realisations and even emotions that can captivate in our childhood and develop through our lives.  Remembering such moments from our younger days, and also those of our more recent past, leads to fresh reflection and even a new philosophy on how we perceive and engage with the world of nature around us.

The book takes in such places as the thriving pockets of wildlife habitat in South Essex (my ‘local patch’ that can serve as an anology for all those belonging to others everywhere across the country), the splendid solitude of the North Norfolk Coast, and the flowery, butterfly adorned slopes of the North Downs in Kent.  It ascends the mountains of North Wales and Highlands of Scotland and descends the thronging wooded valleys of the wonderful wild expanse of Dartmoor.  It visits such famous places as Minsmere and the Norfolk Broads, as well as some of the not well-known, but all the same infinitely compelling.  Just as significantly it takes a fresh look at those things that share our private spaces and moments.

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