Posted by: Ross Gardner | March 24, 2012

Glimmers of Life

A visit to London to focus the mind and be reminded of the irony of nature’s increased potency within the middle of the city.

Enjoying a fine pink cherry planted in the courtyard outside Southwark Cathedral.  A small bug (most likely the Common Flower Bug – Anthocoris nemorum) settles on my hand, before flying off to find some hapless tiny insect on which to feast.  Some debris drops from the tree above.  I look up to see a Starling foraging among the last year’s fruits overhead.

Feral Pigeon (Columba livia). Copyright 2012 Ross Gardner

The pigeons swooping about and settling on the ledges of the Royal Academy, basking in the sun above the shadows trapped within the walls that tower over the courtyard below, put me in mind of Richard Jefferies’ pigeons at the British Museum that brought life to his dreary city scape.

A sepsid fly (Sepsis sp. – small flies that have the habit of waving their spotted wings as they crawl about among vegetation) cleans its wings on the window of a train at Fenchurch Street station.  The smallest of movements to embody the finest details of the life that persists in spite of the city.

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