Posted by: Ross Gardner | May 8, 2012


Speckled Wood (Parage aegeria). Copyright 2012 Ross Gardner.

The ground is sodden.  More than just sodden, but downright squelchy.  Another day when a blanket of cloud strives to swaddle the spring into slumber.  But it’s an impudent child.  Unwilling to be subdued.  Listening.  Watching.  Testing the air with sound and sense.

Blackcap song still bubbles from its verdurous depths.  The purveyor of that sound no less attentive, the feathers of his eponymous adornment puffed out to the maximum, ever-ready to impress.  A speckled wood suprises me as it flutters into the cloud-encumbered afternoon light.  A few days before a tiny bumblebee gave me a pang of guilt for bemoaning the unseasonal cold, as it foraged among the rosemary flowers in a show of unquestioned loyalty for a waiting, growing brood in a hidden nest.

These are all things that refuse to let the season rest and sulk behind the grey sky and stuggling temperatures.  This is the unquashable optimism of the spring.  Honest!

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