Posted by: Ross Gardner | July 24, 2012

Narrow-borderd Five-spot Burnet (Zygaena lonicerae). Copyright 2011 Ross Gardner)

The summer, at last, comes to Essex and beyond.  Here are a few words that will hopefully strike a few chords.


A Seasonal Adjustment

The grassland bristles while everything

Adjusts to the pace of the day.


A magpie, usually wary

Can only just be bothered

To take flight as I approach.

A lone chiff chaff echoes

Around the treetops on the hill,

A skylark lifts himself above the herd,

With his music murmured

In trickle as he climbs.

Each seem subdued, but content,

While the summer presses down on the land.


And the grassland bristles; with hoppers

And skippers and buzzers and burnets.

A footfall off the path and the grass

Seems to shatter into pieces,

Shards scattering this way and that.

The sky thuds with distant thunder;

Do they have any sense of it,

Of what passes lifetimes away?

Do they redouble their doings

And rush to be finished for the day,

In case their even frenzy is curtailed?


And all the while the grassland bristles

And everything, in its way,

Adjusts to the pace of the day.

© Ross Gardner 2009

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