Posted by: Ross Gardner | October 14, 2012

Betwixt and between

Crepidotus variabilis. Ross Gardner 2012

The wood was autumn quiet.  A place in flux perhaps; the influence of summer to barely be felt and the momentum of autumn not yet fully realised.  From the willow beside the nearby reed-bed a Cetti’s Warbler disgorges its explosive song – the first time I’ve heard it since early August.  A Redpoll passes by, high up and unseen (very much a winter bird to these parts), emitting its distinct, slightly metallic twittering call.  One sound that recalls a season past, the other to prompt thoughts of a season to come.

Mycena mushrooms, less than a centimetre across. Ross Gardner 2012

A place in flux; the tree canopy yellowing, but still predominantly green, while the autumn flush of fungi is yet to appear across the woodland floor.  The eye becoming more accustomed however, found the caps of tiny Mycena nudging through the leaf-litter and little white Crepidotus clinging to wind-blown branches and twigs lying on the ground.  There was a small Boletus and others that defied identification.  Each were a reminder that even as we enter that season of apparent decline, the life of the wood is never still.

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