Posted by: Ross Gardner | November 4, 2012


One of those wonderful bright autumn days, when the sun shines brightly to raise the colouring woodland leaves into a glow and with just enough of a chill to lightly nip the end of your nose.  Yet along a corner of this wood hidden away in the depths of South East Essex a glimpse of summer was waiting to be seen.

It was just before noon.  This particularly section of the woodland edge happens to be comprised of a south-facing and east-facing lengths of the boundary, joining at a right angle and thus creating the perfect, wind-shielded heat trap for this time of an early November day.  The rays of the sun felt deliciously warm on the skins.  Standing watching a party of long-tailed tits foraging through tops of the oak trees, buzzing insects caught the eye; only of various flies settling to bask in the warmth, but enough to add to the illusion taking shape.  I turned, looking more into the sun and caught sight of the illuminated wings of hundreds of tiny flying creatures zipping through hazy light.  For any who are curious, they were minute leafhoppers, which I am fairly sure were a species by the name of Alebra albostriella.

But for the yellowing leaves of the trees behind, it looked for everything like a vision of summer itself.

The leafhopper Alebra albostriella (probably) – the best I could without a macro lens!! Ross Gardner 2012

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