Posted by: Ross Gardner | March 12, 2013

Butterflies a week ago… and now this!

I may have already made mention on these pages of one the main reasons why the British go on about the weather such a lot.  We talk about it so much because we get to see so very much of it.  Seven days ago and it was the wings of a Comma gracing this page.  A few days after that and twenty-four hours of incessant rain threatened to wash out my Essex Book Festival event (although as it turned the house was a full one – we’re made of stern stuff here in Essex).  And now this…..

Snow and ice.  Ross Gardner 2013.

Snow and ice. Ross Gardner 2013.

From the warmth of early spring, through wall to wall rain, to sub-zero and snow in just a single March week.  These must be exacting times for wildlife, especially the likes of that Comma which single-handedly did so much to lift the spring from these latter weeks of winter.  And those birds that I watched cavorting in a wood the other day – one moment turning their attentions so intently towards the urgency of spring, the next having their mettle further tested with a returning winter blast.

Devastating extremes notwithstanding, you’ve got to love the British weather for all its unpredictability and admire the small creatures whose resilience is a more than a match.

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