Posted by: Ross Gardner | July 30, 2013

A garden moth

I am, I have to confess, rather fond of a moth.  Needless to say, not everyone in the house appreciates the light in the bathroom as a de facto moth trap quite as much as I do.  I do however, also venture outside into the garden in search of them.

We have a large and somewhat unruly Escalonia out front, currently in full and profuse bloom.  By day it bears the satisfying buzz of bumblebees by the dozen.  By night it is quieter, but the flowers still twitch with the probing of probosces.  This shrub, it would seem, is well-liked by the Silver Y.  These are moths well-known for their migratory tendencies and would appear to be having a favourable year  There were a number humming among the foliage the other night, frustrating the would be photographer with a reluctance to cease their rapid flapping of their wings even when pausing to feed.  Even so, it did end up with me taking an only mildly impatient, snapped opportunity that a rather liked the results of.

Silver Y (Autographa gamma).  Copyright 2013 Ross Gardner

Silver Y (Autographa gamma). Copyright 2013 Ross Gardner

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