Posted by: Ross Gardner | May 19, 2014

Blues and bumblebees

Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus).  Copyright 2014 Ross Gardner

Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus). Copyright 2014 Ross Gardner

A splendid, warm and sunny weekend and little persuasion is needed to get outside.  It so happened that I saw my first Common Blue of the year yesterday.  A male, presumably quite freshly emerged and unblemished by the rigours of his short adult life.  I saw him nectaring on the blossom of profusely flowering shrubs, in the company of dozens of Early-nesting, Bumblebee, Common Carder Bee and Honey Bee, all relishing in the warmth of the day and good foraging before them.

And where was this nectar and pollen-rich hot-spot?  Maybe in the clearing of some ancient wood and surrounded by the deep green of late-Spring?  Or perhaps at the edge of buttercup-filled meadow, lined with hawthorn heavy with flower?  Well, not exactly.  It was the edge of leisure centre car park, planted up with Cistus and fringed by slowly encroaching shrubs.  Proof once again, that it is always worth keeping an eye open even in those more unlikely of circumstances……

Car Park


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