Posted by: Ross Gardner | October 31, 2014

Look what turned up in the garden the other day…

Goliathus goliatus

Actually, that’s an enormous lie, well, kind of.  It didn’t appear in the garden (although it could if your garden happened to be in equatorial Africa), but rather in the living room.  This spectacular beetle is actually a pet of a friend’s who I’m happy to say brought it round for a visit.  It is an aptly named Goliath Beetle (Goliathus goliatus).  They are beasts.  Males can exceptionally reach 11cm, although rather less is perhaps typical; the one in this picture was about 7 or 8 cm long and impressive nonetheless.  They are herbivores, at least as adults.  This chap was rather partial to banana and the wild, besides fruit, are well-known for feeding on tree sap, which is indeed a favoured food source of many beetles including some of our own British species, including the wonderful Stag Beetle (Lucanus cervus).  There are surely not many heavier beetles in the world and only a few that are larger.  And what’s more, they are perfectly able fliers.

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