Posted by: Ross Gardner | January 6, 2015

More Starlings

Starling funky

Not the thousands going to roost, but a gang, maybe a hundred strong, sweeping through the neighbourhood.  They descended upon the garden like a swarm of locusts, evidently with a taste for suet.  A wonderfully raucous squabble of rough-and-ready bird-feeder raiders, making short work of the lard-cake in the cage.  Something would spook them – perhaps a flighty pigeon in the next garden or just nothing at all but the murmurings of the flock – and they would disappear, to a bird.  In ten seconds one returns.  Another ten and chaos resumes.  Some I’ve heard say: “I hate those Starlings, they’re such bullies!”  Harsh indeed, but they’re only being Starlings and why should we pick and choose which birds visits our gardens.  That any do is a joy.  Besides, I make sure the assorted tits, finches and others are catered for.

Hungry Starlings.  Ross Gardner 2015

Hungry Starlings. Ross Gardner 2015

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