Posted by: Ross Gardner | March 15, 2015

Sand Point in Winter Light

Sand Bay, Keystoke.  Copyright 2015 Ross Gardner

Sand Bay, Keystoke. Copyright 2015 Ross Gardner

Sand Point is a limestone promontory that strikes out into the Bristol Channel, not far north of Weston-Super-Mare.  It is a fine spot that affords excellent views across the channel and along the coast.  It is somewhere I first visited back in 1996, on a warm June day.  This year was a famous ‘Painted Lady Year’, when these migratory butterflies descended across the UK in prodigious numbers.  The vegetation that day on this narrow headland seemed covered with butterflies by the dozen… by the hundreds!

This time, on a wintry Friday afternoon in March, the beauty of the place lay elsewhere.  Rather than of butterflies, it was found in the wings of gulls skimming by with chill wind well and truly mastered.  And in the Raven, croaking in contact to each other as they passed overhead, briefly stooping, with wings folded, then sharply swooping upwards, offering hint of their own aerial expertise.

Also it was found in the mud of Sand Bay.  Mud scored by innumerable tides; coerced into rippling arcs of runnels braiding and draining the surface; glistening dully in the cloud diffused sunlight.

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