Posted by: Ross Gardner | May 21, 2016

A Moment

Now, I do not claim to be any great whizz with a camera, but every now and again things fall into place and often at the more unexpected of times.

This time the occasion was a visit to the folks, but find them out and with a half hour to kill until they returned home.  I had my camera with me and spent the time mooching around the back garden to see what I could find.

The picture that ‘fell into place’ was…… well, a fly.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, granted, but this one was as much about the moment as any more entomological inclinations.  Usually when I try to capture an insect on the wing it at best results in a distinctly fuzzy image of a winged thing short on any very distinguishing features, or more usually merely a blur of ‘something’ speeding out of view.

For the record, the insect in question is (I’m fairly sure) Hydrotaea similis, one of the so-called sweat-flies known for their being attracted to human sweat and a tendency to form small swarms around a frustrated individual’s head.

The below image I doubt will turn many people on to the entomological charms of fly-kind, nor will it win any prizes for wildlife photographer of the year.  It is however, one that I was very pleased to capture.  It is the small moments given little if any regard that help to make the natural world that we experience more closely to our senses tick.

Hydrotaea similis - a species of Sweat Fly. Copyright 2016 Ross Gardner

Hydrotaea similis – a species of Sweat Fly. Copyright 2016 Ross Gardner



  1. Wow! Great photo!
    Well done.

  2. Glad you like it James. Thanks.

  3. nice timing 🙂

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