Posted by: Ross Gardner | May 28, 2016

New Book

Pardon the shameless plug, but MY NEW BOOK HAS BEEN PUBLISHED  by Brambleby Books!

Front cover WLT

‘The Greater World of Little Things’ is a book about how we might engage with the natural world.  How we should take those opportunities to look at it through new eyes and from changing perspectives.  How we should strike that balance between enjoying it for what is, but to also value it for what it gives us.  Things from the frivolous to the fundamental.

There is still great wonder in those places and experiences that we think we have come to know so well.  There is astonishing to be found within the familiar.


  1. A most timely book. Will it be for sale across the pond?

    • Hi Sally. I just had a quick look on (as opposed to and the book was on there, so it should be available in the US.

      • Thanks, Ross.

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