Posted by: Ross Gardner | November 21, 2016

Keeping things simple


Cromer Beach. Ross Gardner 2016

Some times the beauty is in the simplicity.  Cromer on the North Norfolk Coast.  In the summer this is a busy stretch, attractive as it is to seaside holdiay-makers.  But with the winter approaching it may find more of a scattering of human visitors dotted over its expanse.  A cold and clear November afternoon and the low sun has transformed the flat sand to a limpid, glassy sheet.  It reflects the shades of the sky every bit as much as becalmed North Sea that breaks gently on the shore, picking out the slowly emerging pinks and gradually darkening greys and purples of the early evening hues.

This coast can be an exciting one for the birdwatcher at this time of year, with the chance of sea ducks, divers and others offshore.  Today though, there is little more than the few cormorant skimming low over the water on their way elsewhere and a trickle of gulls, mostly herring and black-backed, heading on to wherever they might find their roost for the night.  But this is all that is needed to complete a scene that provides a somewhat lingering snapshot of one of the many reasons why this coast is the wonder that it is.

The next day we would find ourselves further west at Salthouse, watching foaming waves seething the banked shingle, beneath a heavy sky and amid a moderate but firm wind – a beauty in itself.  These moments however, were all about the easy tranquility and a huge space hardly filled.

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