Posted by: Ross Gardner | January 16, 2018

Back again

Back to the blog!  Having enjoyed a couple of months sabbatical from keyboard commitments while travelling in Borneo and New Zealand, I’ll be posting regularly again with a mixture of UK and overseas posts.

We sure did see some stuff!  From heaving tropical forest brimming with life to stunning snow-topped apline scenery, wild and windswept coast and the broad swept of equatorial river.  From whip scorpions to sperm whales, mountain parrots to proboscis monkeys, tree swifts to takahe.

Amazing stuff and an experience of a lifetime!  But even having returned from a southern hemisphere summer to the chill of an English winter, a heartening thought occurred to me.  While walking among that wonderful bleakness of an Essex marshland I reaffirmed the importance of such familiar homely places among the ranks if the wild splendours I have recently had the great fortune to witness.  I’m not suggesting a like-for-like comparison between them, such are their differences in both their biodiversity and physical expanse, but the modest realms of my bolt-holes and local haunts occupy as significant a place in my own mental landscape of the world as anywhere else.

Kinabalu Park forest 2 (scaled)

Ashy Drongo 5 (scaled)


Redshank (3) (scaled)

The forested, cloud-topped slopes of Mount Kinabalu (top) with their Ashy Drongo and Redshank (bottom) haunted Essex marsh – each with their own kind of beauty.

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