Posted by: Ross Gardner | February 25, 2019

Musings of a Sunday Afternoon

Nuthatch 2

The Nuthatch (Sitta europaea) – a denizen of the woods.

I am often, these days, when walking in the woods happy to have my route dictated by the proximity of other walkers – if there is an empty path to choose, I’ll follow that one.  This, I dare say, makes me sound something of an unsociable grouch with no kind word for anyone.  This I am fairly sure is not true, as hopefully my friends and colleagues would vouch.  It’s just that whilst out in the wild places it is often my own company that I seek, as well as, of course, the company of the creatures who call such places home.  Such evasive behaviour perhaps creates a stronger empathy  with such animals, which themselves are doing something similar so that they may go about their business in the quieter corners of the woods.  I would sometimes go as far to say that in some small way I myself begin to think like a denizen of woods

A warm spring-like Sunday brings many folk out into the woods.  Rightly so too.  The woods on such a day without visitors within them would seem quite wrong, as much as some might crave a greater sense of solitude.  How else are children supposed to experience the first hand pleasures of their natural environment, to feel an integral part of it and to sow the seeds of a respect and appreciation that they may carry with them throughout their lives.  There are too many reasons these days to stay indoors.

I think the more of us who can think like denizens of the woods the better.

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