Posted by: Ross Gardner | August 14, 2019

Rain or Shine

Looking through the notes for my talk at the British Birdfair this weekend I reminded myself of something that seemed particularly pertinent.  It concerned a part of the book thinking about how our ‘Shifting Perspectives’ can enrich our experiences of the natural world.  By way of introduction I suggest that we might experience this in seeking out the beauty in a rain-soaked summer’s day, when indoors can seem the last place you would want to spend all your time.  Looking out, as I do, through the back window into a drenched garden beneath a dreary, cloud-heavy sky, it seems a challenge to be freshly met.

Some days the philosophical effort required may be greater than others, but beauty and surprise there can indeed be.  This I discovered anew not more than two days previously.  Another drab and rainy day that was also and in the evening, having been indoors for far too long, I poured myself an ale and sat on the back step to drink it.  I had a few snails for company, relishing, as I’m sure they were, the choice conditions of a still dripping garden.  Then a fluttering among the trails of unkempt wysteria crowding the outdoor light made me aware something close by other than my ponderously questing companions.  It turned out to be a rather fine moth by the name of the Lesser Swallow Prominent, which no doubt had been tempted into the garden by our equally rampant Silver Birch on which the female moth lays her eggs.

Beautiful and surprising in equal measure.

Lesser Swallow Prominent 2 (scaled and cropped)

Lesser Swallow Prominent (Phoesia gnoma)

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