Posted by: Ross Gardner | April 7, 2020

A Spring Return

Caltha palustre

Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris)

It is with a small amount of shame that I blow away the long-drapped cobwebs and dust down the pages of this recently under-used blog.  An inexcusable 5 months since the last post!!  I’m not sure what happened really.  A distraction here, a diversion there and then autumn turns to winter and winter to spring.

What to write about?  I find myself returning to the fold during strange times indeed, what with Corvid-19 ascending to its UK peak.  The unfolding spring would be the obvious subject, its multitude of joys perhaps all the more poignant given the pervading mood of anxiety that rests rather sullenly amid everyone’s lives, one way or another.  Maybe the awakening of the garden, given the lockdown limitations necessarily imposed upon us and a deeper appreciation of those familiar spaces that we might sometimes take for granted.

I am hugely grateful for my garden, I luxury not everyone can enjoy.  For me, in spring, it means flowering Marsh Marigold in the pond, the perfect antidote for the winter drear, delivering the brightest of yellows from March through to April.  Or the flowering of the huge dome of the cherry tree, a territorial cornerstone and singing stage for many a songbird in our part of the neighbourhood – for robin and dunnock, woodpigeon and greenfinch; starling, blackbird and even the odd wren taking leave of its more typical, skulking habits.  A peacock butterfly fluttered across the garden the other day, before settling on the fence to absorb the sun’s warmth through eager, colourful eyes.  Or perhaps the newts in the pond, although they’ve been active since the end of February.

I’m sure anyone could delete some or all of the above and insert their own personal choices in the spaces that they leave.  The wheel turns regardless of what we might contrive for ourselves.

Peacock 4 (scaled)

Peacock (Aglais io)


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