Posted by: Ross Gardner | June 2, 2020

A Thin Hold

The men and women – who hundreds of years ago were eating and drinking and setting their hearts on things – still retain a thin hold on life through the joy of us who hear and sing their songs

Edward Thomas (1878-1917)


If you have a story, a poem, or the seeds of a book drifting around somewhere in the outer reaches of your mind, grab hold of it, write it down and make sure someone reads it.

If you have music inside you, play it for even the smallest audience.

If you have an image in your head, draw it, paint it, photograph it, or whatever else might give it form and make sure someone sees it.

If you have anything to say that could make one person’s day a better one, see that it doesn’t stay unsaid.

Dusk over Hickling Broad

Dusk over Hickling Broad, Norfolk.

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