Front cover WLT

Published spring 2016 by Brambleby Books – ‘The Greater World of Little Things’.  A book of perspectives, of the ways we might engage with the natural world.  Of the frivolous and the fundamental.  A book that seeks to encourage a different view of the supposedly normal, or simply a better look at that which we think we have come to know so well.

In spring 2011 my book, ‘Never a dull moment – A naturalist’s view of British wildlife’, was published by Brambleby Books.  A book about the germ of a childhood interest and the growth of a passion.  Of reconnecting with the natural world and the ways in which it might touch every aspect of our life.

In 2007 ‘Essex in the Wild’ was published by Desert Island Books.  A celebration of the wonderful and sometimes surprising wild animals, plants and places in the county of my birth and upbringing.  A voice of quiet protest for a place that is much maligned and misunderstood.

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